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Death Valley Badwater Basin 282 feet below sea level and the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere.

Some would say that after being so low that every thing from here on out has got to be up. We just returned from a week trip to Death Valley where we visited the lowest place in the United States, 282 feet below sea level. We had a great time and if you have never been to Death Valley like Donna, you are in for a real surprise. Before we went, Donna thought that all there was to see in Death Valley was Scotty’s Castle and a boring desert. She was totally wowed!  Death Valley is a place full of fantastic sites and geological discoveries.

Would you believe there are rocks that move across dry lakebeds that weigh up to 100 pounds?

Rocks moving in unison

Moving rock gets a bearing

There are mountains that look like Spumoni ice cream.

Just in case one scoop is not enough.

Salt flats that look like frozen lakes.

Canyons with 150-foot walls going straight up.

Ghost towns and old mines.

10,000 people lived in Rhyolite but today a gost town

There are even sand dunes 700 feet high but these are only 150 feet tall.

Hey, how about a round of golf? No problem, there is also a first class resort and fine dining. We also covered about a 100 miles of rough off-road 4-wheel drive Jeep’n.

We went in our motor home and dry camped along with about 1000 other RVer's. That means we did not take a bath or a shower for a week. I can’t remember the last time I ever did that but it was not that bad. We had zero humidity so the skin was always dry -never sweaty or smelly. It did rain one night while we were there; one drop hit the front of the motor home and the other hit the back. It would have been easy to walk between the drops and never get wet where we were, but just a few miles away it came a real gully washer and washed out the road to Dante’s Point, the highest sightseeing point in the park.

We were also very lucky. We just picked a date and went. To our delight, “49er Days” was in full swing. There was fiddling, banjo pick’n, story telling and Western singing every night. We also had a good time visiting the Art Show with demonstrations of Quick Draw Art by the artists.

And to get our blood a pumping, we got in on the bidding for a good cause, Death Valley Scholarship fund, and some original artwork. We bought the original scratch board art by Carl Seyboldt that represented the event and now represents our little vacation. Talk about having fun! We did and we have decided to return next year for the festivities.

Below are a few more pictures taken on our visit to Death Valley

Could you spare a bite to eat?

But I don't like spiders

Scotty's Castle cost 2 million dollars to build in 1922

Clock Tower at Scotty's Castle

Dry lake bed and my new computer screen

Death Valley palm tree

Corkscrew Mountain

Zabriskie Point

Ubehebe Volcanic Crater in Death Valley

I am pointing to the white spot, up 282 feet on the mountain, that is sea level.

Reflection at Badwater Basin

Maple Treasure Box I made just before leaving for Death Valley in case I found any gold. 

That's all for Death Valley until next year.